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Who we are

The Capital Business Development Association (CBDA) is a Virginia registered 501cs not-for-profit that focuses exclusively on supporting GOVCON small and medium sized businesses in identifying opportunities, as well as winning, and executing work in the federal, state, and local markets. CBDA members represent a wide variety of companies ranging from the largest systems integrators, to mid-cap corporations, to small businesses across all social-economic categories. Our programs bring government procurement and business leaders together, match companies with similar capabilities to pursue opportunities, foster winning business partnerships, and sponsor activities to promote information and intelligence sharing among our members. All of this is done at no cost to our individual members or the businesses they represent. Our mantra has been from the creation of CBDA - "You only have to pay for your meal!"

The CBDA mission is to afford GOVCON businesses, regardless of size, the opportunity to network, share opportunities, explore teaming possibilities, and share industry intelligence at little or no cost. We sponsor monthly dinners at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA. These well attended events promote networking between members and afford opportunities for developing new opportunities and teaming. We also sponsor working brown bag business development lunches that focus on specific member capabilities and areas of interest. Also, as we continue to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions the CBDA maintains a vibrant "Virtual Happy Hour" program to provide timely and relevant industry information to members.

We are one of the fastest growing business development/capture management industry associations in the Washington, DC area. Our members work within the Intelligence Community, DoD, Fed Civ, state, and local governments as well as commercial industries. At CBDA events you will meet other business development professionals that you know. More importantly, you will be business developers that you NEED to know. We cordially invite you to join our group through our website "Contact Us" link and we welcome you to work with us to Find, WIN and Execute Opportunities!


Our History

In June 2018. Dr. Charles Painter invited four business development professionals that he knew well to dinner in Fairfax, VA.  He had partnered with and competed against all of them over the years and had developed a standing personal NDA with all four.  The purpose of the group was to create an informal atmosphere with food and drink in which opportunities could be shared and the group could explore ways to team and share industry intelligence. The dinner was a hit and the group agreed to continue to meet every month. As members invited other members the group grew to a point that it began taking up almost the entire restaurant! A new venue was chosen and then another as the CBDA began to take shape and more space was needed.

Thanks to our Board Chair, BG Tom Verbeck, the CBDA found a permanent home for our monthly meetings at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA.  Since June 2018, the CBDA has grown to over 500 members! We continue to meet monthly in the same spirit and with the same objectives from our first meeting – in a relaxed, informal atmosphere at no cost to you other than your meal, we look for ways to identify business opportunities, develop partnerships, WIN work, and share information.

400+ Members

* within 18 months

  • Business Development Professionals
  • Mid-cap firms
  • Small businesses from all socio-economic categories

One of the fastest growing BD groups in the National Captial Region


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Business Development Focus

Our Leadership

  • Charlie Painter
    Dr. Charlie Painter, 35 years experience; former CIA officer; IC/DoD business development.
  • Tom Verbeck
    Tom Verbeck, 40+ years leadership; former USAF GO; leading business development focus: IT and new technology
  • Arthur “Tony” Abrams
    Tony is Parker Tide Corp., Dir Bus Dev & Sec Ops manages executive and operational level programs.
  • Ben McCaa
    Ben McCaa leads business development for a local logistics company, Distribution By Air.
  • Bruce Schomaker
    Bruce Schomaker, over 20 yrs US Fed experience, 10 yrs at Executive level. SB owner/BD consultant.