Benjamin Ranieri


Benjamin Ranieri is the Director of Business Development and CIO for Degree Six, an outsourced IT Department and CIO consultant for small government contractors. He is a candidate for the CMMC Certified Practitioner certification and CISM. The last 3 years Mr. Ranieri has been on the forefront of CMMC and its implementation to smaller government contractors.

Mr. Ranieri has over 10 years of experience in: Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Marketing, Project Management, Business Development, and nonprofit development. He has partnered with multiple federal contractors to assist in supporting compliance and procurement.

Benjamin Ranieri has been a CBDA member for over 3 ½ years, was the first one to speak on CMMC, and has brought many new members to the ranks of CBDA. Mr. Ranieri is a passionate networker, and bases his relationship with others on the principles that flow from the saying: “give without expecting something in return.”